Join Samantha Jane Johnson as she takes you on a tour of her world.

From Making a mess with friends and baking with grandma, to playing a wicked witch or a beautiful princess; this book (written by samantha herself) will thrill young children and delight adults, who want to remind themselves what it was like.


Name: Samantha Jane Johnson

Age: 4 and a bit.

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Film: Snow White

Favourite Band: Take That

Favourite Food: Apples, Spaghetti & Chicken Nuggets


Following on from I AM 4, comes "Princess Samantha", a wonderous tale about a secret world in which little girls become princesses, magical creatures come alive, and adventure lives around every corner.


Preview::Click on the link and then use the password located at the back of your "I AM 4" book, to visit a special preview page.